Thursday, March 22, 2007

Motivation is important in property investing. How do you keep yours high? Is it through focussing on your goals or keeping your family in mind and what you will be able to do for them or having someone you can turn to to get advice or some positive reinforcement? Certainly my desire to be financially free is a motivator for me as is my family and perhaps that maybe I am providing a positive role model for my friends and family in becoming financially independant. But for me personally this is not always the greatest motivation and I have found myself slacking off and not progressing as much as I would have hoped.

Especially in this period of a topsy-turvey property market I have felt a bit unsure and haven't been as willing to risk what I have gained so far. Because of this I have decided to enlist the help of a property investing guru as a mentor. This will, I am sure, reignite my enthusiasm and my property portfolio and get me outta this malaise of comfortableness which I have currently fallen into. It's no good to sit back on my laurels when there's so much more to achieve and since I have made this decision that in itself has got me excited and re-motivated.

How about you? Do you need some re-motivating? If your answer is yes to this question what solutions have you come up with? Drop us a blog because we all need a 'kick up the pants' at some stage. Look forward to hearing from you soon.



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