Sunday, March 25, 2007

Property Investor Resources Part 1

Just had a call from my mortgage broker who I will be meeting with later in the week to restructure our mortgages which will mean less interest payments and more money available to borrow which will mean we can buy more investment property. That was pretty exciting and it got me thinking about what resources us property investors need and use.
One tool I find really useful is the internet. From this tool I can look at houses in practically any area in the world, check out valuations, find out facts and figures related to real estate, look up courses and find out new strategies and also get involved in forums with people around the world. There's no doubt about it that the internet is a great tool but you do need to exercise some discretion as there are a lot of shysters out there. That is why I stick to well known brands like real estate agencies and large corporations. So use the internet wisely and you will find that it is a greta tool and resource to help you better your property investing skills.
How about you? What other resources do you use and/or what are some of the helpful sites on the web that you utilise to further your property investing goals. Blog in and let us know.


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