Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Property Investing in Uncertain Times

The media and government and business people and Treasury officials are all talking the property market down. Interest rates on mortgages are increasing, the doomsayers are predicting a market correction, and the government is talking tough on property investors. These things are nothing new. There have been property market corrections in the past and there will be more in the future but at the end of the day, real estate has appreciated continuously since records were first kept. The thing property investors must do is future shock proof ourselves. We must have strategies in place which will help us through the down-times. One thing I do is ensure that I can hold on to a property in the medium term by either finding one that has a high return which will cover all the expenses or one that will appreciate in value quicker than most and the costs can be offset against my other investment properties. How about you? What strategies have you got to future proof yourself? Blog in with your thoughts and remember if you have any friends or family who are interested in real estate investing send them to
Until next time happy and successful property investing.



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