Sunday, April 29, 2007

Property Investing Resources 3

I am currently reading the book "Why We Want You to be Rich" by Trump and Kiyosaki. It's an interesting read with the helpful comments and tips. Their reputations as authors and investors speaks for itself and they don't need to justify what they have done. However both of them feel that the USA and the world economies are heading for trouble because of a shrinking middle class. They feel there is a need for the middle class to strengthen their financial situation which will strengthen the wider economy. They then offer some general strategies and motivation to achieve this. Although I found their scare-mongering a bit hard to believe, the underlying message that people need to do more about their financial situation cannot be ignored. We all should be concerned about our future wealth as Western economies will come under increasing threat from developing countries. Certainly this book is entertaining and has some helpful tips. Have you read any interesting books lately. Blog in with your opinions on this one or any other book whose theme is investing and/or motivation. And remember, if you have any family or friends who are interested in property investing send them to


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